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Preventative Maintenance 

What Are You Getting From Our Preventative Maintenance Program?

Enlightened Material Handling Inc. recognizes the paramount importance of uninterrupted production. Any downtime not only entails significant financial losses but also results in crucial delays to timely product shipments, an option we understand is non-negotiable. This realization underscores the value of our preventative maintenance program, tailored to keep your production processes running seamlessly. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop customized programs for their facilities aimed at minimizing downtime to the absolute minimum. Our flexible offerings range from bi-weekly to semi-annual schedules, ensuring that we find the optimal frequency for your equipment and seamlessly execute the plan. These comprehensive programs involve the meticulous lubrication of essential crane components, a thorough inspection of the structural integrity of all crane parts, and proactive identification of potential issues that could disrupt production. We go the extra mile by coordinating visits on days that minimize the impact on production. During on-site visits, our team works collaboratively with operators to identify and mitigate any potential slowdowns in manufacturing. Opting for our preventative maintenance program means choosing a team dedicated to caring about your production. To get in touch with us about a preventative maintenance program that works best for your facility please feel free to call us at the provided number or send us a message with your email attached and we'll respond promptly. 

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