What is it?

MARKSMAN MAXI is a 24 LED high visibility light designed for use on overhead cranes. The MARKSMAN MAXI can be mounted in minuets, is easily adjustable and can be implemented on most any model and type of overhead crane.


Safety Advantages

The MARKSMAN MAXI is the ideal solution to create pedestrian awareness as to the position of your overhead cranes. Traditional audible or visual warning systems typically require one to look up at the overhead crane, can blend in with the ambient noise and become irrelevant, or predominately are an annoyance to your employees. The MARKSMAN MAXI is a passive yet aggressive safety feature, permanently letting employees know the position and direction of your overhead cranes without the need to look up above ones head, while avoiding the pitfalls and annoyances of conventional pedestrian warning systems.

Production Advantages

Advantages of the MARKSMAN MAXI only start with safety. Once your lights are set up the operator can use their position to assist in spotting the load. This reduces process/production time by increasing operator accuracy. Additionally, accidental side loading will be minimized as the positioning of the hook can be easier visualized.


Typical Configurations

Every MARKSMAN MAXI light is capable of producing a pencil beam (round projection) to the facility floor, or with a snap on lens can be converted to project a line. With these options, and by combining two or more lights a wide verity of safety zone projections can be achieved; 

  • spotlights surrounding the load hook or directly under the load hook

  • a box or grid surrounding the load hook

  • a solid line the length of the bridge projected under the center, or offset to both the leading and trailing edges of the crane

  • combinations of the listed above, or completely custom arrangements



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