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What Are You Getting With Our Inspections?

Enlightened Material Handling Inc. is committed to tailoring highly competitive inspection rates based on the types and quantity of equipment under consideration. Our collaborative approach involves determining a suitable timeframe for inspections that aligns seamlessly with your company's production schedule. When on-site, we prioritize minimal disruption to workflow by working closely with operators. Our seasoned technicians conduct thorough examinations to identify potential safety concerns and functional issues in your equipment. Following our inspections, you will receive an easy-to-follow checklist highlighting recommended repairs for future prevention and any required repairs necessary for certifications. Once the required repairs are completed, all customers receive certificates of compliance meeting the standards of  THE CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION (B167-16) and THE ONTARIO OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT (R.S.O 1990, C. 0.1) AND (R.R.O. 1990, REG. 851). If you have inquiries about our inspection program or wish to schedule your annual certifications, please feel free to call us at the provided number or send us a message with your email attached, and we'll respond promptly.

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