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Wireless Solutions

What Do We Mean By Wireless Solutions?

Enlightened Material Handling Inc. stands out in the realm of modernizing equipment, with a particular expertise in updating controls within the overhead crane industry. A common example of this lies in the continued use of wired controls by many companies. It's high time to transcend this outdated practice and embrace the advantages of wireless controls – a transition we specialize in facilitating! We offer a plethora of tailored wireless solutions designed to meet specific application needs. Beyond the evident convenience, wireless controls significantly enhance safety. Operators are no longer confined by cable reach, fostering a happier and safer production environment. Our primary installations feature Tele Radio and Danfoss (Ikusi) products, yet our capabilities extend to accommodating any radio system. At the customer's request, we readily install various systems, ensuring flexibility and customization. Our commitment goes beyond offering upgrades from wired to wireless controls; we also cater to requests for changing current wireless products that may be outdated or inefficient. You've come to the right place for upgrading or servicing your wireless equipment, if you're wondering about any wireless control questions please feel free to call us at the provided number or send us a message with your email attached, and we'll respond promptly.

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