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Custom Upgrades and Modernization

What Upgrades Do We Provide?

Numerous customers unknowingly operate overhead cranes with outdated technology, unaware of the array of modern features available for their equipment. Our mission is to collaborate closely with customers, comprehending their unique applications to deliver tailored solutions that optimize their equipment. There are numerous ways to enhance overhead cranes, and a common upgrade we perform involves transitioning motor controls from contactors to Variable Frequency drives. This not only significantly reduces brake wear but also opens up a plethora of possibilities for operators when running the equipment. Another frequent enhancement is the integration of load displays, positioned either on the crane or directly on the control interface (pendant or transmitter). This ensures that operators are consistently aware of the weight being transported. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to elevate your equipment control to programmable logic control, providing countless options to set limits on the equipment and customize its functionality to operate at peak efficiency for the specific process. At our core, we are committed to bringing your overhead crane technology up to date, unlocking its full potential. For any inquiries please feel to call us at the provided number or send us a message with your email attached, and we'll respond promptly. 

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